Aeolian Alexanders

This NEH-Mellon supported study conducted by Dr. Ryan Horne uses new innovations in social network analysis software and geographic information systems to reimagine traditional die studies as digital publications which illustrate economic and social networks in geographic space. Focusing on coinage from the region of ancient Aeolis in western Turkey, this project offers the first all-digital die study, along with new tools and methodologies which can be used by other digital humanities initiatives.

The Die Study

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Primarily focusing on the production of Temnian tetradrachms in the name of Alexander the Great, with smaller production runs from Myrina and Kyme, this study provides historical context for this important aspect of hellenistic coinage. It also examines associated political and economic connectivity, and offers new tools and approaches for studying historical networks.

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A Full Suite of Digital Humanities Tools

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All of the code used in the die study, including general tools to analyize historical networks, is in a jupyter notebook available on GitHub.

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Browse the Coins

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You can search the coin catalog, with images, coin information, and links to other projects and data sources.

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Die Study Software

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You can use new software developed in this project to create your own database to compare coins, images, and other data.

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Explore Coin Links

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A work in-progress demonstration of using d3js to render interactive graphs of coin linkages. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to select different mints.

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This project is generously supported by a NEH-Mellon Fellowship for Digital Publication #FEL-257341-18

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